10 Best Local Markets For Home Decor In Bangalore

Due to its rich history and culture, Bangalore is not only the nation’s burgeoning IT hub but also a popular tourism destination. Bangalore is also known for its nightlife and shopping in addition to its enormous offices and IT clusters. Bangalore is home to upscale malls, exclusive stores, and markets with a variety of cultures. The city naturally blends old and new, providing visitors with a wide range of shopping possibilities from upscale malls to well-liked street markets.

Bangalore, a thumping IT hub, has marvellously transformed through time from the Garden City of India to India’s Silicon Valley. The third-largest city in India, Bangalore, is renowned for its pleasant climate, gorgeous parks, and picturesque lakes. Bangalore is well-known for its nightlife and shopping in addition to its large offices and status as a centre of the IT industry.

So, let’s tour, party, and shop in some of Bangalore’s well-known marketplaces with your housemates.

1) Chickpet Market:

Another popular and adventurous shopping path is Chickpet. One of the first commercial street markets, the Chickpet Market in Bangalore, has been around for 400 years. The market offers the widest selection of sarees in Bangalore, with a variety of styles, designs, and colours to suit every event. You will need to haggle for a fair price because the prices here are not fixed.

If you want to find unique saree collections, visit during a holiday, like as Deepawali, Christmas, or Eid.

2) SP Road Market- An Affordable Electronic Market:

Bangalore’s SP Road is a constrained street well known for its electronics shops. The SP Road Market provides nearly everything needed to meet daily electrical needs, including gadgets, spare parts, mobile accessories, cameras, and handy cams. Here, you may also notice some mobile businesses and mobile repair shops. The pricing in stores are really affordable, but you must be sure to haggle because some people like inflating their costs.

3) M.G Road- For Silk Sarees And Handmade Crafts:

MG Road, one of Bengaluru’s main shopping districts, is another location to find extremely stunning silk sarees, particularly at Prasiddhi and Deepam Silks. There are further stores offering handmade sandalwood and rosewood cosmetics. Additionally, MG Road is a great location to buy crafts from stores like Cauvery Emporium. You should go to this market if you want to shop for new clothes for yourself or if you want to go window shopping with your buddies.

4) Malleswaram Market-For Buying Fresh Flowers:

The fresh, aromatic scent of flowers greets customers at the Malleswaram Market every morning. Your eyes are pleased by the thick coils of marigolds, roses, mogras, and chrysanthemums, and you are filled with the aroma. Purchase flowers for yourself, as a gift to a temple, or for a puja. It’s unusual to see a market this colourful!

5) Jayanagar 4th Block-  Best Wholesale Market:

The major bus stop in Bangalore is directly across from this enormous shopping centre. The largest and best wholesale market in Bangalore is located in the Jayanagar retail centre. Almost everything is on sale in stores, including shoes, clothes, household items, bags, costume jewellery, confections and sweets, linen and sheets, and so on. People come from the suburbs to shop here as well, and the entire market complex is packed as soon as it opens.

6) Avenue Road- For Book Collectors:

For book lovers and book collectors, it’s one of Bangalore’s top street markets. The shops carry both new and used books in all genres and languages that are reasonably priced and in good condition. Additionally, there are a few expensive editions of your collection. Additionally, it’s a terrific place to get art supplies, gift wrapping, and stationery.

Because there are many books accessible, vendors offer them for extremely low costs, but as was previously mentioned, you and your friend must haggle.

7) Brigade Road- Explore Branded Showrooms:

Both branded and unbranded stores abound on Brigade Road. Major brands like Levis, Jack N Jones, Vero Moda, Louis Philippe, Baggit, etc. are available in these outlets. As soon as you enter, you know you’ve located Bangalore’s top street-side shopping destination. You would be able to tell that you have arrived to one of Bangalore’s top shopping streets with just a quick glance around. There are also antique shops where you may purchase handmade and handcrafted goods.

If you can’t find a restaurant immediately after all this shopping, you’ll probably get hungry or upset! Thank goodness KFC and Starbucks can be found all around Brigade Road.

 8) Commercial Street- Try Out Asiatic Arts and Crafts:

Bangalore’s Commercial Street is a faerie world for window shoppers. Shoes, apparel, imitation jewellery, accessories, home decor, spices, and sporting products are all included in this market.

Additionally, you can look for reasonably priced antiques and home linen. You must be able to walk a lot because Commercial Street is crowded. To acquire those low prices, you’ll need to negotiate skillfully with the retailers who initially set the price high. 

9) Indiranagar Market – Branded Apparel:

This is the best place to shop in Bangalore, where there are many stores selling name-brand clothing along a 100-foot avenue. Discover the best names in fashion, like Park Avenue, Wrangler, Reid & Taylor, Levis, Allen Solley, Peter England, Lee, etc. The products are purchased directly from factory stores and are offered at fairly low costs. This is the best choice if you want to effectively get a lot of upscale items for less than 10% of the cost, which is actually fairly reasonable.

10) Residency Road Market – For Genuine Handicrafts:

Here is a well-known market where you may buy genuine handicrafts to bring home or give as gifts to loved ones. A spectacular market selling brass ware, recognisable fabrics, jewellery, and hand-crafted antiques from practically every Indian state can be found in the heart of busy streets and a forest of buildings.

Recall visiting all the museums in Bangalore and perusing the local goods? Well, you may purchase those vintage stuff here.

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