10 Netflix Shows You Can Watch With Your New FlatMate

Here are 10 TV shows worth binge-watching with your FlatMate on those nights when you don’t feel like going out. Put on some pajamas, get some popcorn, and hit the play button. Scheduling quality time with your Flatmate is a good way to foster a positive relationship and a peaceful living atmosphere. Do you remember the old adage, “Happy Flatmate, Happy Life?” Confused about which TV series to watch with your FlatMate? These are the show suggestions for you and your roommate to watch together. These crowd favorites are sure to keep you and your roommate entertained on your night in:


But, for the first few episodes, stick with this one; it will pay off. Schitt’s Creek is a great comedy about a married couple who go bankrupt and are left with only an unsightly small town called Schitt’s Creek as their only possession. You would, without a doubt, fall in love with each and every character.


Is there something more iconic than Friends? The famous sitcom is ideal for a binge-watching session with your Flatmate. The sitcom is the first of its kind to focus on friendships and the challenges that come with being in your 20’s and 30’s. Rachel, Monica, Phoebe, Chandler, Joey, and Ross are six friends in Manhattan, New York, who are trying to figure out who they are and keep their careers afloat. The absurd situations the characters find themselves in will have you rolling on the floor, from abandoning your own wedding to smashing the door of your neighbors’ apartment. Furthermore, the way the story unfolds on screen can represent your own interactions with your Flatmate.


This is a wonderful, fun show to enjoy with friends! The comedy-drama is based on Mindy Kaling’s own childhood and follows the difficult life of a modern-day first-generation Indian American teen girl.


If you and your roommates enjoy true-crime shows but are a little squeamish, Mindhunter, a Netflix original series, is the show for you. This is a mystery-thriller television series based on the book Mindhunter: Inside the FBI Elite’s Serial Crime Unit, written by retired FBI special agent John E. Douglas. The series is set in late 1970s and early 1980s America and follows the adventures of agent Holden Ford. (Jonathan Groff) interviews America’s most heinous serial murderers in order to better understand how their minds function and aid in the investigation of potential cases. Instead of using graphic visuals to shock the audience, Mindhunter uses dialogs and verbal narrations such as records or letters to inform the audience of what happened.


A real-life murder conspiracy draws a law professor and a group of her best students into it. This film, which stars the incredible Viola Davis, is full of twists and turns that will leave you wanting more.

The Big Bang Theory

It all started with a big bang, complete with belly laughs. Science and physics are made to look interesting and fun by a group of extremely intelligent friends and roommates. Nothing can make you snort more than Sheldon Cooper’s reluctance to give up his coveted spot on the couch or his inability to emotionally bond with people over a hot beverage.

How I Met Your Mother

Anyone who has seen Friends would enjoy this show. Ted Mosby tells his children about his childhood in New York with his four best friends through a series of flashbacks. One of the most appealing aspects of How I Met Your Mother is how relatable it is. — character has their own peculiarities, which you would most likely recognize in yourself. You and your roommates will spend hours trying to figure out who your friend group’s Lily Aldrin or Barney Stinson is.


Lucifer is a TV series based on horror, drama, and comedy that you can watch with your roommates. The character is a demon who has returned from hell to live permanently in Los Angeles. Soon after, he begins assisting and working with the police in order to support them in solving difficult crime cases. Lucifer is a great show to watch with your Flatmate.

Modern Family

Modern Family is a show that appeals to a wide range of viewers. As three connected families face regular tribulations, there is romance, banter, and even a little drama. The show has been celebrated for depicting multicultural, secular, gay, and gay families living happily together. Modern Family is a mockumentary television show that will keep you laughing from start to finish.


If comedy isn’t your thing and you rather wanna bond with your new Flatmate than be afraid, AHS is the film for you. It’s not too scary, but it can be intimidating at times. You won’t be able to stop once you start.

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