5 Ways To Create Personal Space In Your Apartment

It doesn’t have to mean surrendering every square inch of your independence to live with other people. With just a little communication and the following tips, in an apartment of any size, you can create space for yourself and your roommates.

Divide the room

5 Ways To Create Personal Space

When you share a small apartment with roommates, a lot of privacy goes out of the pre-war window, but you can still create boundaries even if you sleep in the same bed. There are several options for living areas to be physically isolated that do not require a building permit. Without taking up much of their own, curtains, screens, and bookshelves each provide personal space. The illusion of separation can also be created by tall plants and standing mirrors.

Room Decorate

5 Ways To Create Personal Space

Expressing yourself in your decor is one of the easy pleasures of living alone. Furnishing and decorating require more compromise with roommates, but to make it more you. You can still lay claim to some areas of the apartment. It’s the fridge door or the walls of your decluttered bathroom, providing a sense of personal space to decorate an area. If you all want to, speak with your roommates to coordinate colours and design choices, and split up the apartment.

Cozy up your bed

5 Ways To Create Personal Space

No matter how many roommates and square feet you have in your apartment. Some private space is still guaranteed for you, your bed.
And if you miss a bedroom of your own or a space divider, all yours is the realm of your mattress. Get it comfortable, then. Invest in good duvet covers and sheets. To expand your personal space upwards, buy a headboard. Load your bedside table with books and mementos that represent you. If you’re eating, sleeping, reading, or watching TV, your bed should be a cosy place where you enjoy being.

Swap the sofa for some chairs

5 Ways To Create Personal Space

While there are many space-saving sofas and couches for small apartments, in your living room, individual chairs provide more personal space. Currently, for as long as you sit in it, a chair is all yours, providing another microcosm of freedom.

Cook for yourself

Cook for yourself

Although cooking together is a great idea for couples sharing an apartment, you need more time for yourself if your roommates are not friendly. A realistic opportunity is to prepare meals. Find a time when no one else cooks, because you have to eat anyway. If there is a separate kitchen in your apartment, that’s a full room of personal space when you’re in it. Even if it’s attached to the living room, your territory is the counters, stove top, and floor in between, so use them as much as you can.

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