5 Ways to Use Facebook to Find a College Roommate

It is difficult to find the perfect roommate to move off-campus with. You want to live with someone you trust who shares your hours, your interests, your seniority or your level of animal-ness also at party. If you need one more person to fill that four-bedroom house near the library or a single roommate to share the rent just a few blocks from the science building in that cosy two-bedroom apartment, you’ll need to look carefully for a great roomie.

5 Ways to Use Facebook

Post a status update

Post it if finding a roommate is on your mind! True, Facebook is more of an inside-your-social-circle portal than the soapbox of Twitter. But many of your Facebook friends as a college student are also classmates, so there’s a good chance you’ll hit someone who’s looking for a roommate, or at least someone who knows someone who’s looking. 

The strengths of Facebook are not in conversing with strangers, but you never know who is still scouring for a roommate using the search function of Facebook if you make your status update about searching for a roommate public. Feel free to ask your Facebook friends to share your update after you post your roommate request. In your university, they are more likely to meet people who may be looking. That’s why a social network is just what they call it!

Join Facebook groups

There are groups for almost anything on Facebook, and it’s not going to be too difficult to find one that’s a hub for people searching for roommates at your college. Insert your college name and “roommates” or “roommate search” in Facebook’s search box.

Attend Facebook events

Facebook has a zillion kinds of event pages. You will find meetings of people on your campus looking for roommates if you browse around, so just click “interested” on the page and add it to your calendar. Even if you can’t do it, post it on the discussion board of the page you are looking for!

Facebook stalk potential roommates

If you don’t mind a little creepy coming out you should look for classmates you’ve never even met before. Go to the search function of Facebook and direct your queries to individuals who go to your college and enter those keywords that fit your roommate interests, such as the field of research, graduation year, music preference, favourite bar, or essentially something.

Take out a Facebook ad

It sounds serious, but really it is really not. And it can sound expensive, but it isn’t. You can advertise on Facebook that you are looking for a roommate for just a couple of bucks. The more specific your ad is the cheaper it is, so it’s not unreasonable, really. 

You’ll want to go to the Facebook Business page and then follow the quick instructions to build a Facebook ad. By clicking on the dropdown arrow above your updates and choosing “Advertising on Facebook.” you can also get there from your main profile page. You’ll have to do this on your screen, not your phone.

About FlatMate.in

FlatMate.in is the first app that helps you to search shared room/apartments based on common liking & interests and not just based on usual factors like location and price range. In other words, we focus on the relationship between potential roommates. A study shows if you share apartment with compatible roommate then chances are higher that you would stay longer with each other and will become friends for life.

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