7 Tips To Get Along With Your Roommate In College Hostel

Living with roommates can be a surprisingly enjoyable and satisfying experience that anyone should try at least once in their lives. After all, it might be the start of great friendships and memorable stories to tell your grandchildren. But, as with most good things in life, making it work typically necessitates sacrifices and patience. Here are some tips to get along with your roommate in college hostel.

Set and follow guidelines

Cleaning, air conditioning and heat, noise levels, shared meals, allergies, and other critical daily activities would need to be discussed and agreed upon. The more you can agree on, the faster you’ll be roommates for life.

Learn about new countries and cultures

If you and your roommate are from different cultures, take advantage of the cultural diversity and all the benefits that comes with it! There may be some cultural differences and language barriers at first, but just being around each other will teach you so much, like new foods, music, and vocabulary.

Respect Your Roommate’s Stuff

This may seem obvious, but it’s actually one of the most common causes of roommate conflict. Do you think it’ll bug (s)he if you borrow his cleats for a short soccer game or a cute shirt for dinner? You may have just crossed an impenetrable barrier. Never borrow, use, or take something without first obtaining permission.

Make time for that beauty sleep

Our mood, energy level, and output all suffer when we don’t get enough sleep. In an ideal world, you’d all like to sleep in the morning or at night, but try to understand each other’s sleeping patterns as much as possible. Put on some headphones and everybody will be pleased whether you’re up late watching a movie or listening to music.

Make space for personal space

If your roommate is wearing headphones and looking at their phone, they are probably not interested in discussing their day. Don’t be offended if they lock the door to their room — even the most outgoing person wants a little space now and then.

Communicate honestly and openly

No one has the power to read people’s minds. Tell anything if you don’t want your roommate to borrow your shampoo, CDs, or clothing. It would be much more difficult to get along if you harbor resentment. In the other hand, you have no idea what your roommate is thinking. If you don’t inquire, you’ll never know if it’s okay to borrow anything. You also don’t want to instill distrust in them. Communicate in a friendly way.

Have fun with the situation

Living with someone new may be intimidating at first, but there are numerous reports of roommates from all walks of life and from all corners of the world becoming unlikely friends after sharing a room. 

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