How To find a FlatMate Using Social Media

It is hard to find the right FlatMate. You want to live with someone you trust, who shares your hours, your interests, your level of cleanliness with you. If you need one more person to fill up the four-bedroom house near work or a single roommate to share the rent a few blocks from downtown in that cosy two-bedroom apartment, you’ll need to look carefully for a great roomie. It’s time to cut your losses and find a roomie with whom to share your bills and your small flat. Luckily, by using social media to locate and study a suitable and sane roommate, you can make the whole experience sting a little less. Social media is all about connection, so it makes sense that to find and meet roommates, you should use social sites.

How To find a FlatMate Using Social Media


  • Post a status update asking if anybody is looking for aFlatMate in your area. A smart way to find a compatible FlatMate is to mix friends and acquaintances that you already meet.
  • Message a post to your city or apartment complex or neighborhood’s Facebook page to see if someone wants a FlatMate.
  • Post to the groups you’re interested in on the Facebook page, asking if anyone wants to rent your place. This is a perfect way to find a similarly involved housemate.
  • Take out a Facebook ad that advertises the space you have available. Facebook’s targeted advertisement makes it easy to ensure that your ad is seen only by those audiences (age, gender).


  • Tweet that your fans are looking for a FlatMate. To potentially reach even more individuals, add a hashtag for your city.
  • Use the search feature of Twitter (or your favourite Twitter client’s search feature) to find individuals in your city searching forFlatMate or places to rent. 
  • Twitter accounts are managed by some brokers or apartment sites to connect possible roommates in some cities. To see if there is a Twitter account where you live, do a Google search.


  • Since it’s mostly not a platform for posting, Instagram is a more complicated app for finding flatmates. That doesn’t mean you can’t, though. IG is photo-based, so let the photos talk.
  • Instagram allows you in one post to use up to 10 photos, so make the most of it. Make sure that your first (primary) picture is a great picture of your apartment, so people pay attention. To make it look InstaPerfect, use all the filters tools.
  • Great captions While the most important part of your post is your photos, you’ll need to say the right things in your caption. Tell people what makes you a great roommate, why everyone would like to live in your beautiful apartment, and what you’re looking for in a roommate, like a Facebook post. “But first of all, say the most important things because only your first 125 characters are shown before the viewer needs to click “See more
  • The right hashtags Using the right hashtags in your IG post is even more important than on Twitter. Unlike Twitter, your post can be bathed in a lot of hashtags, up to 30, reportedly. Use hashtag every version of #roommatewanted, #roommatesearch and #roommateneeded #lookingforFlatMate 

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