How to Make an Annoying Roommate Move Out

We have all had that one roommate that drives us absolutely crazy. Here are a few steps to get them out of your life.

When talking on the phone try screaming in a high pitched voice; this works very well during the early morning hours

Invite friends over that your roommate hates. Let them sit and gossip in your room for hours.

Turn your music up full blast anytime you listen to it. Try to schedule your music listening time conveniently when your roommate is sleeping or doing homework. Play music you know he or she hates.

Eat all your roommate’s food. Enough said.

Throw your clothes all over his/her side of the room. Dirty laundry is even better.

Have multiple alarms go off early in the morning, and make sure to take a very long time shutting them off. Then go back to bed once ordeal is done.

Figure out the person’s morning schedule, and then hop in the shower 5-10 minutes before they typically would. Stay in the shower until all the hot water has been used up.

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