Share a Studio Apartment With Roommate

Living with someone might be difficult at times, but try doing so in a small studio apartment. It’s not the easiest assignment, and most people aren’t in the best of situations. You must be organized, clean, and capable of making compromises at the very least. Another key virtue that springs to mind while thinking about sharing a tiny place is patience.

Here are a few tips to help you maintain your sanity.

Studio Apartment

Sharing a Small Space with Your Friend

Living with a roommate, especially if they are a friend, is difficult. It necessitates a great deal of flexibility, patience, and compromise. When sharing a studio apartment with a friend, it’s critical to establish limits so that you don’t drive each other insane. There are numerous creative methods to make sharing a tiny place simpler, such as being organized, creating timetables, learning to respect boundaries, and even purchasing privacy partitions.

How do you share limited space?

Finding innovative ways to maximise limited spaces can help you live comfortably with your roommate, even in limited spaces.

Create Privacy with Room Dividers

With a room divider, you may create seclusion in a studio apartment. Using a curtain to separate a living room from a sleeping area, using bookshelves to create two bedrooms, or strategically putting area rugs to create a sense of multiple places are some room divider ideas for small studio apartments. Area separators can also be made using large potted plants, hanging tapestries, and wooden panel dividers.

Get creative with storage

When it comes to sharing storage, get inventive. You may add even additional options like hanging storage on walls and doors, in addition to sharing existing space like closets, pantries, and drawers. Hang overhead storage cabinets and shelves over sleeping spaces, or use mason jar holders in the bathroom or kitchen for small goods. Apart from the standard places, consider adding extra storage using hooks or versatile furniture.

Stay organised

When sharing a studio apartment, organisation is key. Discard anything you aren’t utilizing and strive to keep your space as clutter-free as possible. This not only makes your studio apartment appear larger, but it also makes you a better roommate.

Can 2 people live in a studio?

Even when you live with your pals, you will have disagreements. When you’re sharing a small place, it’s easy to become frustrated with your roommate.

Set your boundaries

Make sure there are clear limits in place before you move in together. Decide ahead of time who will pay for the utilities and who will do the grocery shopping. You’ll also want to talk about ground rules for things like having visitors over. Before you move in, make sure that these regulations have been agreed upon.

Set a cleaning schedule

When you live in a tiny place, keeping things clean is one of the easiest ways to protect yourself from going insane. This is especially true if there are two people involved in the problem. Make a cleaning plan with your roommate to keep you both on track. This does not imply that you must clean every appliance and region of your flat on a daily basis. However, it’s critical to unload the dishwasher, fold clean clothes, clean up after yourself, and deal with minor annoyances before they become a source of irritation for you or your roommate.

Shop for decor and furniture together

Buying decor and furnishings with your roommate may be a wonderful bonding experience that will also help you avoid any disagreements. While you may have a vision for the space in which you live, your roommate may not share it. Make sure to contact your roommate if you’re buying something for the studio apartment. This may be a fun activity to do together, and it will get you both enthused about sharing the area.

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