Shop with your FlatMate at these 5 markets in Bangalore!

Bangalore, the ‘Silicon Valley of India,’ is not only the country’s leading IT centre, but also, owing to its history and culture, a major tourist attraction. Bangalore offers plenty of options for locals and visitors to enjoy travelling, visiting museums, eating and drinking and, of course, shopping in some of the country’s most vibrant markets, a great combination of the old and the modern. The city is a natural mix of old and new, offering a wide range of shopping options for visitors, from high-end shopping malls to popular street markets.

Commercial Street- Arts and Crafts


Commercial Street, one of Bengaluru’s most famous markets, is a street shopping paradise in Bangalore, with clothing ranging from expensive to medium to cheap, most of which have superb quality. It is a one-stop shop for clothing, imitation jewellery, athletic goods and footwear purchases. Commercial Street is busy and there’s a lot you have to be able to walk. In the beginning, the shopkeepers set the price high, and you’ll need to bargain well in order to get those cheap prices.

Jayanagar 4th Block- Wholesale Market


Jayanagar shopping complex is located and is a shoppers’ paradise. For first-timers, the shopping centre is huge and also confusing. Both inside the shopping complex and from the roadside stores, you can shop for almost anything under the sun in Jayanagar. Jayanagar is sure to drown you in a sea of choices, whether it’s groceries or sweets, spices or flowers, pastries or condiments. Right from the moment it opens up, the entire market complex is crowded, and people even come here to shop from the suburbs.

Chickpet Market- Famous For Silk Sarees


Another widely visited and adventurous shopping street is Chickpet. It is one of the town’s oldest commercial districts, renowned for its silk sarees. Chickpet has a formidable 400-year history, and Bangaloreans swear in this popular market by the quality and variety of saris and wholesale dress materials. It is also known in the Raja market for gold and silver jewellery, particularly. You don’t have prices set here, so you’re going to have to negotiate at a decent price. Go in the festive season, i.e. during Deepawali, Christmas or Eid, if you’re looking for special saree collections.

Dubai Plaza — Budget-Friendly Street Shopping


On Rest House Road, Dubai Plaza is located. Dubai Plaza, a huge shopping complex that sells cosmetics, accessories, apparel and boots, is the paradise of budget shopping. The Tibetan Plaza is located in the basement of Dubai Plaza where you can splurge on electronic devices, perfumes, lingerie, quirky scarves, belts, wallets, super-stylish bags and purses and any imaginable piece of clothing at low prices. Try to bargain as much as possible and search the flaws in clothes and other items or return the product in order to make great offers.

Malleswaram Market- Buying Fresh Flowers


Malleswaram is famous for its flower market, herbs , spices and vegetables, and is one of the most popular traditional markets in Bengaluru. It is also world famous for the nearby Kaadu Malleswara Temple, from which this market gets its name. This market’s hustle-bustle and its typical pieces give it an old-world charm. For a puja, buy flowers, give them in the temple, or just for yourself. A rare sight is this vibrant market!

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