Tips to find Rental home without Brokers

If you are having trouble buying a home right now, don’t want to commit to long-term living anywhere or just need a temporary place to live, you may be searching for a rental home to move in. While you might be somewhat intimidated with the prospect of finding a rental property that you can call home, it’s actually a fairly simple operation.Here are few tips for finding the best rental homes and apartments in your area.

Draw up a budget and calculate how much you can pay in rent.

Draw up a budget before looking for a house, and take a hard look at where your money goes. Generally speaking, most people are recommended to spend no more than 30 per cent of their income on cost of housing. Does that sound doable to you, factoring in the costs of interest, commuting and shopping, savings and other spending? Regardless of how you feel about the recommendation of 30 per cent. Thus, before you can find the property that’s right for you, you need to calculate what price range you can actually afford in rent.

Search for rentals close to your office/workplace.

You ‘re going to want your rental home to be somewhere convenient for your work, your education, where you buy food and where you want to spend your free time. While you should not automatically rent a property that is ideally placed but much too costly, you should strive to find a rental home as similar as possible to this ideal location.If you won’t be able to walk anywhere and don’t own a car, consideration should also be given to where the nearest public transit stop is.

Begin online

Start your online quest to get a sense of the real estate values in the city. There are several different online rental search engines that allow you to narrow down your search based on quality, size , location and other factors. Using these websites to look at properties in the rental area and see what is the usual price range.

Opt Broker Free Websites

In India, there are many rental web portal where you can find a perfect home for yourself, but many of them a filled with brokers only who charges a good money for finding a room. Well, here you can save some money. Go for only those websites where brokers are not allowed. Websites like, NoBroker are example of some broker free websites.

Facebook Groups

Facebook (flat and flatmates) groups are helping millennials to find flat & flatmates by avoiding high brokerage fees and to share the cost. Every day lots of people are posting their requirement on facebook groups to find flat/flatmates. So these groups are boon to someone who is new to a city and does not mind to share flat/room with strangers. But, while posting to facebook Beware of Scams.

Ask your friends, colleagues for help

Everything is just as plain as this. If you work, you ‘re likely to have lots of colleagues living on rent. They could have a vacancy for you if you ask them. Blast an email to all your colleagues and see if anybody has anything for you. The same goes with your network of college students.

About is the first app that helps you to search shared room/apartments based on common liking & interests and not just based on usual factors like location and price range. In other words, we focus on the relationship between potential roommates. A study shows if you share apartment with compatible roommate then chances are higher that you would stay longer with each other and will become friends for life.

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