Top 10 Scary Movies to Watch with your flatmate

Top 10 Scary Movies

Hello, if you’re one of those weirdos who enjoys watching nightmare-inducing movies for fun. Welcome! You’ve arrived to the right location! And, while the year 2022 has already proven to be a living nightmare (lol). Hollywood has chosen to release a slew of bizarre new films to ensure that we never sleep through the night again.

The finest horror movies of 2022 thus far are rather horrifying, from the star-studded Scream reboot to the violent Texas Chainsaw Massacre reboot…and best of all, there are even more hair-raising films to come later this year. Eek!!!

You want to have a good time with your flatmate, therefore in this post. We’ll go through some of the best terrifying movies of all time to watch with your flatmate. These films should be excellent and highly regarded, so that instead of being bored and unconcerned, you will be terrified!
You’ll learn about the ten best horror movies worth watching with your flatmate that will blow your head right here! And because this article is about some of the best terrifying movies. You’ve watched in a long time, you can watch them over and over again.

> A Tale of Two Sisters:

Top 10 Scary Movies

Two sisters are the central characters in this Korean horror film. They begin living with their father and their awful stepmother after spending time in an institution. The mother of the sisters died in strange circumstances. Strange and mysterious happenings are occurring again at this time, and it’s all because of the return of these two sisters.

> Game of Death:

Top 10 Scary Movies

Recently, a salesperson lost his car, his job, and his girlfriend. He also has a debt that he is unable to pay right now. He receives a mystery call one day offering him the chance to win $100 million by participating in a reality show. That is, if he completes thirteen specific tasks. The chores become increasingly risky as time goes on.

> Scream:

The fifth episode of the renowned Scream film franchise, which was released in January, is set 25 years after the original film and follows a new Ghostface killer and a slew of fresh victims (as well as some old ones). Expect to see Neve Campbell, Courteney Cox, and David Arquette among the cast members.

> The Requin:

This action movie, which was released in January, follows a couple on a vacation to an isolated beach home in Vietnam. Where they are washed out to sea by a severe storm…and besieged by a swarm of great white sharks. Fun!

> No Exit:

This thriller, which was released in February, is about a college student who gets stranded in a blizzard while driving home. Fortunately, she is not alone; she is stuck with a bunch of others, one of whom turns out to be a kidnapper.

> Umma:

Top 10 Scary Movies

In March, Sandra Oh starred in this ghostly horror film about a woman whose peaceful farm life is flipped upside down when her estranged mother arrives from Korea for a very unexpected visit.

> Choose or Die:

Top 10 Scary Movies

This Netflix original launched in April, and it follows a broke young hacker who decides to play a terrifying computer game from the 1980s, not realising that she’s actually playing for her life, rather than for money.

> Torn Hearts:

Top 10 Scary Movies

This Blumhouse Television and Epix horror film, which was released in May, follows a country music duo who visit the creepy mansion of their favourite music star, only to find themselves in an increasingly twisted situation.

> Watcher:

Top 10 Scary Movies

Julia, a young actress who travels to Bucharest with her boyfriend and finds herself being stalked by a frightening neighbor…all while a serial killer terrorises the city, is played by Maika Monroe.

> Men:

Top 10 Scary Movies

A widowed young woman goes on a solo journey to the English countryside in this folk horror film (released in May). Only to learn that she’s not alone and that someone—or something—is pursuing her.

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