Top IT Companies in Noida

Searching for top software development companies in Noida? Here is the list of top software developers , that provides excellent services in software development Noida. One of the emerging markets for the software development industry in Noida. There is a large number of venture-funded start-ups, mid-level companies and big enterprises that provide services in software development in Noida. To distinguish best from the list of contenders,we has ranked top software companies in Noida.

Here is a list of top IT companies in Noida


IBM is one of the old companies with a emphasis on the new technologies and its services.

They have developed their brand in about 170 countries around the globe. The company’s primary support involves producing equipment for PCs and laptops and, with the aid of their large networking department, troubleshooting the problems if any.

Wipro Limited

Wipro Limited is a leading provider of information technology services with headquarters in Bangalore. The company has focused on it business in the year 2013 and is making it a separate unit from the rest of its units.

The business focuses on the good customers and this is their moto. Company started its product business in 1982 and has a diverse export portfolio in the year 1990 and entered research and development services as well as IT services.


Think Straight and Talk Straight. That’s their motto. Their endeavor is to ask straight questions, provide customers and clients simple and straight solutions to their problems. Keeping things simple and straight has helped delight their customers by timely and delivering quality and helping to get more projects and services.

Think-Straight is a mobile app development company dedicated to providing an end-to — end solution that includes design, development and marketing. Think straight ahead to meet and exceed the needs and desires of each customer. With creative prowess, think straight team of problem solvers and innovative thinkers embark on each project with the technical ability and openness needed to deliver forward thinking technology on time and in advance of the times.

HCL Technologies

HCL is a multinational, Indian IT company based in Noida. HCL was founded in 1976 and is the world’s leading IT company serving several Fortune 100 customers. It is one of Noida’s leading and pioneering computer software development company with a global presence.

Application Services, BPO, Engineering and R&D Services, and Network Management Services across the Manufacturing, Banking, Healthcare & Life Sciences, and Retail, Telecom, and Media industries are their core services.

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