Since many of us can’t afford to live alone, the first option that comes to mind is to share your place with roommates: they hold the promise of cost-space-efficient living. They might even become your new best friends or make you wish you had never moved out of your parents home.


You consider yourself to be a tidy and organised person who cleans up after yourself, but your clean freak roommate thinks your room is a pigsty because you have one sock on the ground and an empty water bottle that isn’t put in the recycling.


In comparison to the clean freak, the slob is a complete polar. The classic traits of a slob are always sleepy and always “occupied with something”. They don’t mind living under the week-long heap of unwashed clothes and dishes from two nights ago. This person simply never cleans up after himself and totally ignores the chore list that each roommate agreed to.


These mates will always find a good excuse to dance, whether it’s in the midst of exams or at the beginning of the semester, and worst of all, not alone! They blast music endlessly, invite friends over, and make quiet a sacred thing that you will never see again.


To be absolutely frank, you’re not really sure whether or not this roommate even exists. They are still out (usually until late at night), they come for a shower and some food and they go out again! You’ve seen him on the move-in daylight, and his room is decorated, but he’s never alive, literally.


You were hoping that you would become friends with your roommates when you moved in.What you didn’t expect was that you would be followed everywhere by one of them and expect to be best friends forever.


In the sense that you can be a nighter as long as you study well and execute your assignments on time, university life is different. However, if you are a morning person and your friend is a night owl, this could be troublesome. Except in the late hours of the night, some people just can’t perform properly.


They are the full opposite of ghosts. It’s almost too simple to always locate them — their room. Typically by themselves, they rarely go out (even for their classes), with headphones plugged in and a video running. Getting company 24/7 can get a little irritating!

About FlatMate.in

FlatMate.in is the first app that helps you to search shared room/apartments based on common liking & interests and not just based on usual factors like location and price range. In other words, we focus on the relationship between potential roommates. A study shows if you share apartment with compatible roommate then chances are higher that you would stay longer with each other and will become friends for life.

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