No need for Security Deposit when you can buy Rental Guarantee

Unlocking billions of dollars locked up in Security deposits by simplifying trust in tenancy between tenants and their landlords with Eqaro Rental bonds

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Here’s how it works

Checking in

1Landlords list their property deposit free with our No Deposit solution.

2Tenants can pay a small check-in fee (+GST).

3Eqaro takes extra care supporting referencing and collecting documentation. If everything checks out, tenants can move in on the same day.

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Checking out

1All of the regular end of tenancy checks still take place.

2Tenants pay for any damage, outstanding bills or unpaid rent where they are responsible.

3Eqaro flexible protection means we judge claims on a case by case basis, working with both parties to sort out any issues and get landlords paid within 10 days (once charges are agreed).

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